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About Šentjošt Logo
    Author of Šentjošt logo, wheatear with heart, is Matija Kavcic. It was created 1981 when the Sports Club Šentjošt was founded. This Šentjošt Logo appears on all marks of our groups and regional organizations, and on all other things, connected with Šentjošt. Logo of Yacht Club StJost.
      It symbolizes:
         Heart: strenght, love, soul, courage, soul and spirit
         Wheatear: fruit, kindness, diligence, goods


    Special thanks to all who have helped in the process of creating StJost.org.
    I am very thankful to:
                Jenny Pikl and Anita Velkavrh for translation of Šentjošt to English Language.
                Matija Kavcic, Droftina Janez, Sara Strajnar, Gasper Tominc, Franc Leskovec for the Photographs they shot.
                Tomaz Furlan in Miha Knaflic in Miha More who scanned the Photograps.
                Brigita Plestenjak, the author of Horjul valley pages.
                Marko Grobelnik, Jernej Porenta, ...


    Any questions, comments, suggestions, proposals? Contact me by

    Jure Leskovec /founder and webmaster/