Pozdravljeni v Sentjostu

Activities in Horjul Valley

There are two predominate activites in the Horjul valley: farming and forestry.  sentjost These two primary activities are important not only as production activities, but also to maintain culture. This last point earns meaning more and more; there are two reasons: the Horjul valley lives in an uncentral closeness to Ljubljana and therefore its worth and from a recreational point of view enlarges at once, and in Slovenija strengthens its consciousness in the respect of saving its cultural image as part of the bearers identity.

If farming and forestry evolve like this and do not cause conflict with the protection of nature, in short will contribute to the ecological diversity of this area, and because of this are activities longer and wanted, also from the point of view of protecting nature. The conditions between the two activities is gradually changing in the use of needed surfaces in the hills, especially on steep slopes, where it is impossible for machines to work.


One of the biggest industrial plants is Metrel in Horjul, smaller ones are in Šentjošt (Alpina and Indos).

Plant outputs are:
        * manufacturing of small metal products (1)
        * manufacturing of small wooden objects
        * manufacturing of textiles goods
        * manufacturing of rubber products
        * manufacturing of technical goods from plastic gulk (2)
        * locksmith (2)
        * blacksmith (2)
        * metalplastics and tools
        * metal plastics (2)
        * working with coloured metals
        * carpentry (5)
        * toalmanship (5)
        * building carpentry
        * mechanical locksmith (2)
        * mechanical locksmith and plumbery
        * bag making


Services are considerably numerous although they are not all represented. Some villages are even without them and also without stores with basic needs: Koreno, Planina, Samotorica and Zazar.

Plant services are:
        * automechanic
        * bar
        * florist
        * electrician for radio and TV receivers
        * hair salon
        * restaurant
        * central heating installation
        * installation of heating, water and gas supplies
        * tailor
        * refreshment bar and other food services
        * painting and house-painting (3)
        * repairing of farm mechanics
        * transportation of goods by truck (9)
        * transportation of travellers by taxi
        * transportation of objects /matter (2)
        * selling on a small scale, of fruits and vegetables
        * selling on a small scale, textile products and clothing
        * selling on a small scale, all types of provisions
        * selling on a small scale, provisions and household necessities
        * washing machines and other household apparatus
        * services with farm mechanics
        * store with mixed goods
        * men and womens hairdressing


These activities in the Horjul valley only represent labourers; inhabitants are labour connected with Ljubljana, respectively Dobrova too.

The Health centre is in Horjul. Primary school is in Horjul and Šentjošt. Kindergarden is in Horjul, Šentjošt and Brezje. Post office is in Šentjošt and Horjul.

Settlements, where except of plants are no other activities are: Lesno Brdo, Ljubgojna, Podolnica, Vrzdenec and Zaklanec.

Villages and settlements, which have farming and living functions are: Koreno, Planina, Samotorica and Zazar.

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